About YoGo4Kids

YoGo4Kids offers during and after school yoga classes for children, tweens and teens in the San Francisco East Bay. A heart-centered theme is integrated throughout yoga sequences, spirited fitness routines to music, breath-work, games and a time for rest and relaxation. Classes are active, age-appropriate and fitting for schools. We work with you regarding age-groups, days/times and pricing.

  • Yoga sequences and lively physical fitness activities assist in increasing balance, muscular strength & endurance and flexibility.

  • Participants learn to perform many kid-friendly yoga postures as well as partner and challenge poses.

  • Breath-work is an integral part of practicing yoga. Breathing techniques have many names such as Breath of Joy, Ocean breath, Bunny breath, Counting breath. The breath is the key to both focusing and relaxing.

  • Improvement in motor skills, physical fitness, personal awareness and social skills is assured.

  • Classes conclude with a resting posture and a wrap-up where participants have the opportunity to share how they can put the heart-centered theme into use outside of yoga class.

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 Founder Heather Thornton's Journey To Yoga

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I spent 20+ fun-filled years teaching physical education to elementary school children. I was also a distance runner and an active mom of two (now adult) children. After spending so much time on my feet I succumbed to plantar fasciitis. Something had to change, so I took a yoga class. Yoga was different than anything I had ever done before. The idea of breath preceding movement was foreign to me. As a person who believed the primary way to fitness was an extended increased heart rate,  resting in a posture was a mental  and physical challenge. Within a few months of practicing yoga, however, I knew I had altered my life and fitness routine forever. ...and not surprising, my plantar fasciitis healed itself!

Within six months of starting yoga, I enrolled in an immersion program at YogaKula in Berkeley, California. I became a certified Anusara Elements instructor (CYT-200) in the summer of 2016. I could not wait to share all I had gleaned from teacher-training with the kids back in the Moraga School District, where I taught physical education. The kids seemed to glom on to it. Teaching yoga to kids was a natural fit. YoGo4Kids was born!

My focus now is on sharing the amazing gift of yoga with kids here in the San Francisco East Bay. I find complete joy engaging kids (teens & adults too) and training them into living healthy lifestyles through my YoGo4Kids classes .

♥Heather Thornton, Founder YoGo4Kids

...great will be your child's peace! Isaiah 54:13



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Chela Chiarello

Marchela “Chela” Chiarello grew up practicing yoga along with her parents. She graduated from Acalanes High School last year and is now in her second year of college. Chela completed her instructor-training 200-hour certification at CorePower in Walnut Creek. Chela is passionate about being a yogi and working with children. Her enthusiasm and playful nature are infectious.

Lauren Sanford

Lauren began her yoga journey over 10 years ago while in high school. Yoga was a perfect addition to her first passion of dance. Lauren danced all throughout childhood and eventually danced professionally with the Walt Disney Company which provided opportunities to work and live in Europe and Asia.  In search of more depth and a loving community, Lauren found solace on her mat at CorePower Yoga. Lauren completed her first 200 hour teacher training in 2013 with CorePower Yoga in Huntington Beach, California. In 2015 Lauren completed a second 200 hour training in Rishikesh, India with the Association for Yoga and Meditation.  Since then she has helped lead several Yoga Teacher Trainings with CorePower Yoga. Yoga brings great transformation into Lauren's life and has helped her feel more confident, grounded, creative, loving and calm. Lauren feels passionate about bringing yoga to children and young adults in an effort to help future generations feel worthy, compassionate, harmonious and driven to follow their hearts.


Ellie Furey

Ellie began practicing yoga at an early age as a supplement to sports. She was always interested in diving deeper into her practice and finally jumped in to her first 200 hour teacher training in 2016 at CorePower Yoga in Berkeley, California. Her passion for yoga has continued to grow since since this time and has inspired her to pursue being trained as a Yoga Therapist. Ellie has been passionate about working with children since her time spent with her own younger brothers growing up. She is thrilled to help bring her joy for yoga to children around the Bay Area with YoGo4Kids.  


Felicity John Odell

Felicity began her journey to yoga while living in Hawaii. With three children at home, practicing yoga became a way for her to both recharge and relax. She actively sought a yoga teacher-training program while she was living in Hawaii, but did not find what she was looking for until she moved back to her hometown in the East Bay. Felicity completed her 200-hour yoga certification at CorePower in Walnut Creek 2 years ago and currently teaches yoga at City Sports and for YoGo4Kids. Felicity delights in being with children; her smile warms every heart, and she makes yoga fun!