YoGo4Kids Sample Class

Class Theme Happiness

 Yoga Focus Exploring the Sea

Breathing Technique Ocean Breath

1st Sequence

  • Breath of Joy & Sun Salutations

  • Catfish Pose/Cowfish Pose

  • Shark Pose

  • Playful Otter

Get Up & Go! Crab Crawl to Happy (music) by Pharrell Williams

Participants crab-walk on hands and feet around the room to music. When intermittent music stops, they lay down in Starfish Pose and practice ocean breath.

2nd Sequence

  • Fish Pose with Mermaid kicks!

  • Dolphin Pose with Dolphin kicks!

  • Partner “Sea” saw

  • Partner Submarine

YoGo Game Octopus

All players line up on one side of the ocean floor. One player is the Octopus (tagger) who can power walk freely. When the Octopus says “Octopus!” all other players swim (power walk w/freestyle arms) to safety on the opposite side of the room. If a player is tagged, s/he becomes seaweed rooted in the sand. Seaweed get to swing their arms and attempt to tag players who are trying to swim to safety each time they cross. Game ends when most players are stuck. Play multiple rounds with a new Octopus each time. For variety, change stroke each round - freestyle, backstroke & breaststroke.

Relaxation Starfish on the Rocks to Waves on the Beach (music)

Rest and pretend to be a starfish sunning itself on a rock at the beach. Feel the warmth from the sun as its shines down. Cool off each time a wave washes over.

Closing What makes you feel happy?